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Avalon Theatre

The Historic Avalon Theatre has become a cornerstone of Mid Shore community life, balancing its role as a presenter and provider for local community talent. Capable of numerous transformations, the Avalon presents musical and dramatic theater, symphony orchestras, a wide variety of national musical acts, and classic film screenings. In addition, the Avalon allows for a showplace for local talent.


Cembridge Premier Cinemas

410-221-8690 (Office)

410-221-8688 (Showtimes)



Easton Premier Cinemas

410-822-9951 (Office)

410-822-9950 (Showtimes)

410-817-4441 (Triton Entertainment Office)




Entertainment on the Eastern Shore

Art House Live

ArtHouse Live was formed in 2006 with one primary purpose - to create strong theater experiences for a new audience of theatergoers on the Eastern Shore.